The team leader, the fun- go- lucky bot and the vengeful arachnid.

◊ Bumblebee made in 2008
◊ Blackarachnia made in 2009
◊ Optimus Prime made in 2013

aniBumblebeeanimated aniOptimusPrimeAnimated FinalAniBlackarachniaCharacter Illustrations
Bumblebee – 1 month construction
Blackarachnia – 1-2 month construction
Optimus Prime – 12 days construction
Details – Bumblebee was and still is, one of my favourite costumes. He is great with all fans and is fun to wear. (Although very toasty on hot days.)
All three costumes have been constructed with similar techniques. Using upholstery foam, EVA foam and lycra/cotton spandex. With the exception of Blackarachnia who has been constructed more as a body suit then that of a mascot-styled costume.
My partner Ben assisted me with the construction of Optimus. Team work!
[Bumblebee and Blackarachnia were made before my formal training]
Photography by Louise M Cooper



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