The Princess of Light

◊ Made in 2007
◊ Work at Brisbane Supanova 2007
◊ Won 1st prize for Best Cosplay Supanova Brisbane 2007

Details – This cosplay was what made me become quite serious about cosplay. It was my first detailed cosplay and I put a huge amount of effort into this costume.
She is made from off-white princess satin for the main dress, fuschia silk dupion for the bodice, machine zig-zagged embroidery on the hem of the skirt, craft foam pouldrens with clay sculpted crown and apron pieces. The apron is made up of furnishing fabrics to give it a good weight and also so that the fused pieces would not frey.
The embroidery along the bodice is actually a paragraph of writing I typed in Hylian font so that I would embroider on actual writing on her bodice. I cant remember what it says but I remember saying silly things.
[This costume was made before my formal training]
Photography by Bryan Jones


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